Kingdoms Away


Kingdoms Away: The Joiran Cluster Archives by Selina Valen Brown is the first of five volumes in an epic that begins on the last days of Earth to over 2,000 years later focusing on the extraordinary life of Serafina Alessandra Reos, who is “born” from a 2570 year old DNA sample. Serafina’s birth breaks an ancient decree that no female be born of the Reos line and because of this, she is caught in a political tug of war. The saga begins with her kidnapping that triggers panic across the worlds.

In traditional epic fashion, The Joiran Cluster Archives unfolds in a multitude of settings, from the Ice Planet of the Heikavian—a species of “people” who live rudimentary lives in caves and yet who are vastly aware of their place in the universe—to species who regularly fly across galaxies, where high tech gadgetry is taken for granted amid a blizzard of political and cultural intrigue, to various cultures both within and outside the civilization known as the “Joiran Cluster”.

This first book of five volumes in The Archives brims with unique perspectives on the nature of man, now over 2000 years from his emigration from old Earth. This time, man is not the undisputed ruler over the destinies of other living things. Instead man is only one part of a variety of species, chief among which are the Elysians, who have power to subdue all others if they do not live by Absolute Law.

Completed science fiction each novella 50K

Release date April 2016

Volumes 2-5 available after May 2016.

Note from S. V. Brown: I’ve placed this story inside my Alien Crucible brand but is a story apart from Logs 1-18