Current Projects

FYI – I’ve been writing for thirty + years off and on. Most of my stuff has just been sitting ‘almost finished’ or ‘finished’. Time to let go.

Other Series

Kingdoms Away


Written, 60k, just needing final touches and to the proofreader – ETA end of Oct 2017

Orc Interrupted

(Career Interrupted Series)


Written, 30K, needing a few more rewrites, drafting, then editing and off to the proofreader – ETA end of Nov 2017

Bone of Contention:


Second Bone of Contention



Demon Tunnels

Stand-alone book under the Alien Crucible brand. I’m currently working on the final draft and will then begin a round of editing.

Log 1 Supplementary: Blackbirds

This has been written. This is going up for free on this website via posts under Alien Crucible Sides

Consociation of Eight

This has been written but still in the draft stages. It moves from outside the Alien Crucible (situated in the Void, Consortium) and then links in to AC (Lacuna test sites).

Stand-Alone Books

Praeda Chronicles

This wacky science fiction needs re-working slightly but you may read it on this website if you wish as it currently stands. I might rework the cover too :p



This wacky pirate story set in contemporary times and is being uploaded via posts under the Brownies tab