Career Interrupted

Jobs-in-SpaceAWOL Act

Paris is sick of being a magician, the Spell Caster. Where he comes from it just means being a paranormal-nerd. He hears about Career Worlds, sees the ads and decides he’s going to become a space marine! But first, he has to get away from the stupid Trinity pit and is declared AWOL by the Assembly who decide what magicians can and cannot do. Well, screw that!

As he breaks away he dreams of fighting … someone, defending his world against … who knows what, and body building. From the moment he breaks away from O’rah, the Spell Magnifier, and Gargoyle, the Spell Binder, Paris finds life not quite what he was expecting especially when his cat, Path, joins the marines with him. This was his time to shine but the marines seem to like his cat more than him!

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Sonja considers herself Jill of all trades and witch of none. Her life is filled with mediocre spells and dreams of modern magic. No sack dresses and sweating over pitted caldrons for her, thank you very much. It was bad enough she had been chosen by a magical cat but just as her life took an unusual direction Alan fought his way into her heart. “Love at first punch, love at first munch” is their motto. Two kids later Sonja and Alan struggle to get by until she decides to take action. It leads her to Career Worlds, where space jobs abound. Her goal? To become the Soul Director to process all souls, in all worlds, after people leave their bodies to move to the next level. As her and Alan’s life improve, her witchy world deteriorates as she realizes the extent of the ugly underbelly – the world of administrators. Sonja learns of a furry revolution and is drawn into the whirlpool ready or not, but in the end all she can think of is how sexy her husband is even after he steals something from her … who is she kidding? He’s even sexier then.

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The orux … orcs, as many tend to call them, are forced into action because Paris, the space marine AKA magician interrupted, is dying. As the orcs put up countdown clocks to count down to Paris’s d-day, Scalice takes control and he thinks it’s real, but it could be virtual. He learns of the cyberly side of life, though his second in command tells him that’s not a real word, and must look to cyber-warfare and cyber-other stuff. Mostly he doesn’t get it. He understands wielding his sword, burping, falling in love with a shrew, drinking beer and running his pub but even he admits, at the final battle, that the laser guns aren’t too bad. He sees that Sonja, the witch interrupted, is about to explode but as long as it’s not in his office he doesn’t care. Will they save magic folk in time from the Org or will they be singing sad songs? Who knows. Who gives a shit. As long as the beer is real, and not cyberly.

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